Born from the sweat of sunny and intense cold days which, with enthusiasm, wisdom and effort elaborates its author, Abel, the brand Az-Azeytun stands out for producing monovarietal extra virgin olive oil of Arbequina and Empeltre olives. These kind of olives are the principal varieties of the “Terra Alta” shire, located in “les Terres de l’Ebre” (Catalonia), a land with geographical and climatological conditions that favour the cultivation and production of excellent quality oil.

Factors like a Mediterranean microclimate about 400 metres above the sea level, with a special influence of the “Pàndols” and “Cavalls” mountains in the “Parc Natural dels Ports”. Winds like “garbinada” (Southest humid wind) and “cierzo” (cold North wind) provide the necessary humidity, preventing sanitary problems and helping to ripe the oil’s raw material smoothly. It also allows the oil’s raw material to arrive, in excellent conditions, to the mill. Lastly, a soil made, in general, of a clay structure, granular, with signs of low organic content density elements, alkaline reaction, potassium and phosphorus deficiency, due to its materials which are originally calcareous that affect directly to the olive tree’s life cycle and, as a consequence, its fruit, the olive.

In addition, the traditional monumental olive trees that are autochthonous from the “Terra Alta” shire denote the passing of time, of generations of peasants dedicated to the cultivation of a clear and dry soil, eroded by the action of a Western wind providing with character the obtained fruits.

The Arbequina extra virgin olive oil Az-Azeytun

El aceite de oliva virgen extra arbequina es un aceite obtenido de las mejores aceitunas mediante procesos mecánicos, con el fin de mantener todas sus características organolépticas intactas y de que el cliente pueda deleitar en su paladar y en su olfato un producto exquisito. Destaca su intensidad aromática y las sensaciones en boca más marcadas por la acumulación de sustancias antioxidantes naturales.

The Arbequina extra virgin olive oil is obtained from the best olives by means of mechanical processes, in order to maintain all of their organoleptic characteristics intact, allowing the customer to delight its palate and smell with an exquisite product. It is highlighted by its aromatic intensity and its sensations in the mouth, marked by the accumulation of natural antioxidants.

Sensorial analysis
Az-Azeytun Arbequina variety is a monovarietal oil made of Arbequina olives (the second variety cultivated in the “Terra Alta”), fruity, green leaf colour and bitter taste, sweet and astringent in variable proportionality depending on its vintage, with the organoleptic characteristics typical of the green olive in the moment of its harvest and with phenolic substances which are important antioxidants. Among other highlighted attributes of the sensorial analysis of this extra virgin olive oil, green almonds, artichokes and tomatoes predominate. No imperfection appears, obtaining a definitive grade of 8.5 extra virgin.

The Empeltre extra virgin olive oil Az-Azeytun

The Empeltre extra virgin olive oil (principal variety traditional in the “Terra Alta”), with a certificate of Protected Denomination of Origin (“DOP”), originating from olives whose cultivation, processing, packaging and commercialization are made in the aforementioned hire, which is a quality, origin and proximity guarantee.
 Sensorial analysis
The Az-Azeytun Empeltre variety is a young, equilibrated oil, with a character marked by the land in which it is cultivated and a characteristic flavour with fruity nuances like banana and hints of green walnut and almond, which grants an especial softness to it. It is of a fluid texture, with a soft fruity smell and an old gold yellow colour.


Properties and benefits of olive oil

The olive oil is a natural product characteristic of the Mediterranean diet.The consumption of extra virgin olive oil stimulates the growth, facilitates the mineralization and the absorption of calcium from the food, in addition to tone and protect the skin. These benefits are due to its high content in oleic acid, a 75.4%, to the important quantity of vitamins A, C, D, and E, to the carotenoids and some polyphenols, all of them antioxidants that help prevent cardiovascular diseases, apart from other serious diseases like cancer and aging. Henceforth, the consumption of olive oil is recommended to all ages.